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On The Spot offers a wide variety of in-shop and mobile detailing services to meet your individual needs. We have spent years refining our service packages to provide the highest quality service at the lowest possible price. Each package is designed with the customer in mind. From car detailing to marine, R.V., motorcycle, and aircraft, we have specialists in everything that moves you.


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Military Services

Our exclusive Hero and Military services provide premium detailing processes that we format to your needs, concerns, time restraints; all...


Our Automotive detailing service provide interior and exterior cleaning and protection options for your car, truck, suv, or minivan....

Paint Correction and Coatings (In Shop Only)

On The Spot is one of the few detailing companies across the country considered professional enough to be selected as...


Regular boat detailing is a must to keep your vessel functioning correctly and preserve it’s resale value. A freshly waxed...


Recreational Vehicles need to be cleaned on a regular basis. Truck stop washes just do not get the job...


The Showroom Shine Full Motorcycle Detail is our most comprehensive detailing package for sport bikes, cruisers, trikes, touring bikes, and...

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5-Star Auto Detail

This service is designed to get you the exact detail service you are looking for...

5-Star Marine Detail

The proper cleaning and care of marine vehicles takes more than just basic auto detailing..

5-Star RV Detail

RV Detailing Services that you can count on.  When recreational vehicles and trailers can be..

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Estimates can be scheduled online for Group Rates, Commercial Services, Paint Corrections, and more...

Heroes Detail

Designed to keep our front-line heroes safe in their travels, this is our Showroom Shine..

Heroes Discount  

10% off for all Military, Doctors, Nurses, Firefighters, and Educators