Yes. Thanks to advances in detailing products and equipment, we are now capable of providing 5 star services in temperatures between 18 and 105 degrees. When it comes to rain, we have secondary options such as bringing your vehicle back to our shop or using your garage. Soon, we will have inflatable booths that allow us to complete your service anytime, and almost anywhere.

Our paint correction services can remove most paint defects that are in the clear coat of the vehicle. Some damage is unfortunately to deep to be removed with paint correction. A good rule of thumb is if you can put your finger nail in the scratch, it is to deep to be corrected. When this is the case, we also have paint touch up services that can improve the damage area and prevent damage from spreading or causing rust.

If your vehicle needs everything cleaned and protected inside and out, the average cost is $275. That includes completing interior shampooing, cleaning and conditioning of all interior surfaces, exterior clay, and a polishing wax along with all the basic services included in your booking.

Our Showroom Shine, 3 Step Paint Revitalization, and Timeless Shine services including an carnauba wax that protects and creates a glossy look. We also carry an assortment of protection products including synthetic polymer sealant and permanent and semi permanent coatings.

As far as quality there is no difference. Travel distance, vehicle severity, and/or the scope of your requested service may determine if the service can be done mobile or has to be brought into one of our locations. For example, on the interior, ozone odor elimination and mold/mildew remediation would need to come into our shop. Exterior services like paint correction and ceramic coatings can also only be done in a controlled environment. Almost anything else can be done with our mobile units.

Some stains can not be removed as they have dyed the fabric but, we stand behind the philosophy that if it can come out, we can get it out.

Each service will vary in time based on the service you choose as well as the size and severity of a vehicle. Outside temperature and humidity may also effect service times. If you have already scheduled a service, you can see the estimated time in your confirmation email or in your customer portal. If you are looking to have a service scheduled, a good rule of thumb is to expect the average service to take between 1 and 3 hours.

We want to make the service as easy for you as possible. We only ask that all personal items be removed from your vehicle. If you wish for your center console, glove box, and trunk to be cleaned, they must be empty. We will also need your keys to complete the service.

Our Showroom Shine and 3 Step service includes both clay and wax. Clay removes bound contamination from paint and wax protects the paint from UV rays, hard water, and more. For paint correction, such as scratch and oxidation removal, you will need to set an appointment for a paint correction estimate. You can also have your technician give you a quick estimate at the time of your detailing appointment. However, the actual pricing may vary once a specialist has evaluated your vehicle.